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Who are Market Location?

Market Location are the UK’s leading provider of B2B data with their market leading position built upon superior data quality and service, combined with marketing data expertise and innovative technology

With over 40 years of experience in the database and direct marketing industry, Market Location have developed an in-depth understanding of data requirements and sophisticated database analysis techniques to facilitate the supply of data for all your direct marketing purposes.

Data is at the heart of every good business decision – whether it’s to understand who your customers are, where they are located, how best to communicate with them – Market Location has the expertise you need to make the best business decisions every time.

Market Location have an inhouse call centre based in Sutton Coldfield, and it’s from here that the precious work is undertaken to make sure that every record on the database is phoned on a regular basis to keep on top of and record any changes. This means that you can rely on Market Location to have the most up to date and accurate listing of UK businesses, combined with a depth of information about key contacts, type of business, number of employees, financial details and lots more.

The Market Location database 

Comprising of all the actively trading businesses in the UK and widely recognised as the most up to date and accurate telephone researched database in the UK. Whether they are accountants, website designers, restaurants or multi-national head offices, we’ve spoken to them directly and confirmed their contact details and explained the purposes for holding their information making the data we supply and utilise for marketing activity compliant under GDPR

Business related information such as contact details, location and financial indicators, changes at a rate of over 30% every year. That means that every day thousands of changes are occuring to businesses across the UK – so without due care and attention, the value of data can reduce significantly over time. The information that a business holds on its customers and prospects is one of its most precious assets but it requires work, diligence and expertise to ensure it remains an asset and doesn’t rapidly become a burden.

Characteristics of Market Location Database

• Full UK coverage

• 1.8 million records

• 2 million contact details

• 1 million email addresses

• Fully telephone verified

• Range of SIC and Market Sector Codes

• 100% include telephone number

• Employee size – full coverage

• Financial information

• A range of premium data products including:- Specialist Decision Makers, Brand New Businesses, Businesses on the Move

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